Pointed Top Floor Bird Aviary


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The Prevue Hendryx Pointed Top Floor Bird Aviary is a large shelter for your lovely birds, and it has been designed to enhance both indoor and outdoor decor of your house. This bird cage is spacious enough for your birds to move around comfortably and stay conveniently. It is portable, and you can move it around with ease.

This Pointed Top Floor Bird Aviary from Prevue Hendryx is made of steel, and that makes it a sturdy and durable bird aviary. This bird cage is available in white finish that accentuates its look and appearance. It has a pointed top resembling Victorian design. This bird aviary has grilles for safety and pull-out trays to collect wastages. It has four stainless steel cups to store food and water. There is a door on the top and another at the bottom for easy access of foods. The doors have locks to avoid lost of your precious birds. This bird cage has a capacity of three birds. It has two wooden perches that the birds can sit on and play. It has a stand with four legs that have wheels for easy mobility.

The birds to keep are aracari, budgerigar, canary, cockatiel, conure, dove, eclectus, Rosella, lory, finch, parakeet, lovebird, and Quaker. This eco-friendly bird cage is easy to maintain.

What’s Included?

  • Wood Perch(es)
  • Tray
  • 4 Food Cup(s)
  • Grille/Grate


  • Cover can be used with the aviary for night sleeping
  • Roof type: Open gable
  • 11 & 16 gauge wire

Product Details

  • Bird Type: Parrot & Conure
  • Bird Cage Type: Flight Cage
  • Cage Stand Included: Yes
  • Tray Included: Yes
  • Cage Top Design: Pointed
  • Perch Included: Yes


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